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Lloy's Corner: NVA Vegas

Dec 19, 2017 10:22:37 AM

The NVA!!!


The National Volleyball Association is an attempt by people who love volleyball to start a Men's Professional League in the US. It was conceptualized by Bill Li, owner and director of Blizzard VBC. Bill reached out to myself and other volleyball enthuisitcs to put together a NVA showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, a week ago to try and jump start the league.
To say it was a success would be an understatement. The showcase had 8 teams from across the USA come and compete for $50,000 of prize money. Teams included: Team Pineapple from Indiana, LVC for New York, Icemen from Iowa, Lights Out from Chicago, Rising Tide, Academy and Blizzard from California, Sizzle from Arizona.
Four Olympians were playing in the event!!  Paul Lotman, Davie Lee, Russel Holmes and myself, Lloy Ball, suited up. Beach stars like Taylor Crab and Riley McKibbin also brought their talents indoors for the event. With all the players staying at the MGM Grand and playing at the UNLV Rec Center, the accommodations were First Class.  And so was the volleyball. The matches were Live Streamed World Wide with over 40,000 people watching the quarters and semi's and closer to 100,000 people watching the finals.  
This NVA showcase will start off the season every year. Now, the regular season will begin after Jan. 1.  Every team will be hosting a round robin event to accumulate points for seeding in the finals. The finals are scheduled for the middle of June on the West Coast. Each team will carry up to 20 players for the season then need to trim down their roster to 14 for the finals. Lots of good buzz to go along with good volleyball. Please support and follow the NVA at nvausa.com
All league events will be live streamed and tickets will be available at each events site.
Until next time!
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