Our “Sponsored Club Program” is an exclusive program that offers clubs the opportunity to receive additional discounts, free product, promotional benefits, and lots more in exchange for offering Smack a significant presence in specific regions.  These “cornerstone” clubs provide valuable exposure of our products to the rest of the clubs in their regions, which we hope will help enhance our brand and drive revenue growth.

Smack Sponsored Club FAQ:

Q:  What are the requirements to become a Smack Sponsored Club?

A:  We offer 2 tiers of sponsorship. 

-        To become a Sponsored Club, you must have at least 50 kids in your program and commit to Smack being your apparel provider for 3 years, among other requirements spelled out in our Agreement.

-        To become and Elite Sponsored Club, you must have at least 200 kids in your program (although most clubs have 300+), and have many of your teams finishing in the top 10 in your region or placing at National events.  Also we only allow 2 Elite clubs/region, so we need to determine if your region already has the maximum allocation of “Elite” clubs.

Q:  What do Sponsored Clubs get that other clubs don’t?

A:  We will usually add another 5% discount to already discounted prices, as well as give you a credit equal to 5-10% of what you spend on apparel to use towards coaches gear, practice t’s, etc. We also in some cases may send a pro athlete to your facility to run a clinic/signing, agree to provide prizes for events you manage, provide valuable exposure for your club, and other service related actions that only our Sponsored Clubs receive.

Q:  What do you require in return?

A:  We require your top teams in each age group to have the word “–Smack” in their team name, like BCVC 14-Smack.  We also require a logo/link on your home page and social media, our logo in the name of any events we sponsor, and possibly in your club logo.  We also require a multi-year commitment, as well as exclusivity in the apparel your kids/coaches wear.

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