Online Team Stores

Let us set up and online store for your club!! We’ll work with you to create a line of apparel for your kids and parents to buy that may include sweatshirts, t’s, hats, and more.  We can also include specific uniforms items like warm-ups, spandex shorts, kneepads, socks, and shoes. 

For store examples, visit

Online Store FAQ’s:

Q:  How does the process work?

A:  We’ll develop mockups of the items to offer, place the items on the store with your logo, handle production and fulfillment. 


Q:  How are orders produced and what is the turn around time?

A:  We will give your parents up to 3 deadlines … all orders will be produced on those dates, then ship about 1-2 weeks later.


Q:  Where do the orders ship?

A:  We can either ship directly to the parents, or directly to you. 


Q:  How much do I make and when will I get paid?

A:  With most stores we will give you 10% of the revenues, paid monthly.  However if total sales are less than $500, no commission will be paid.


Q:  Is there a fee?

A:  We will not charge a fee for clubs with over $500 in total revenues, however if under $500, we will charge $100 for a store setup fee or you can choose for us to cancel orders/refund customers.


Q:  How do I get a store setup?

A:  Please email the following info to

- Number of kids in your club?

- What items you want and in what colors to offer each kid (check our site, and let us know style names)?

- Email your logo, and let us know what goes where on the garments, as well as the decoration details (size, colors).

- When do you want the store to go live?

- Do you want us to ship all orders to you, or directly to the kids/parents?


Thanks for your interest … we look forward to working together.