A Team Smack Athlete is a world class kick-ass athlete, who share our passion for the sport and want to see it grow. They are highly respected by their sport & peers, perform at the highest level in their sport, and set an example of excellence on and off the court.

These partnerships are strategically implemented to feature our core volleyball uniforms and team apparel in gyms and stores around the world. We are currently working with a limited number of athletes. The relationships we build together with these athletes help us provide stylish, functional, and innovative products to volleyball athletes, from beginners to professionals.

If you're curious to learn more about becoming a Team Smack Athlete, please e-mail: smack@smacksportswear.com.

Jenny Kropp Whitney Pavlik Caitlyn Ledoux Irene Hester Pollack Curt Toppel Skyler McCoy Travis Schooner Andrew Russell jen Snyder Chelsea Hayes Brittany Tiegs Clara Harris